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Therefore, it does not affect the ability to have children. The hymen is a thin and highly elastic membrane present in the vagina. The normal volume of ejaculate varies from 1.

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Sati and child marriage were also part of Indian 'culture' but people do not generally demand that they be restored. This may or may not be sexual harassment depending on how the office workers feel about his behaviour.

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To begin with there is no absolutely 'safe period' during the period cycle if you mean safety from conception. It is technique, not size, that matters.

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It is a legitimate sexual activity in its own right and does not cause weakness, stunted growth, pimples, or any psychological problem. Symptoms of STDs vary and can appear within 1 week of exposure to 3 weeks. Therefore, a man should wear a condom as soon as he gets an erection. Many men find that this helps them stay longer when they have sex with a partner.

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